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Please post a comment if there are topics you’d like to see covered or to request a change in priorities. Also, if you know of a particularly useful treatment of a planned topic, please post a link here. I’ll also link postings here as they appear.

Abstract Virtues

These are not so much virtues as beacons by which we steer our course. See the concrete virtues for more, well, concrete discussions.



Eliminate Waste

Optimize the Whole

Concrete Virtues

Drive Out Fear

Manage Change

Map the Value Stream

Identify Appropriate Metrics

Create / Improve Information Radiators

Rapid Feedback



Try Something – Quick!

More Topics

in no particular order

Software Craftsmanship: Red-Green-Blue

Eliminate Waste: Inventory

Eliminate Waste: Motion

Eliminate Waste: Defects

Reduce Waste: Sacred Cows

Performance Reviews

Define WIP Limits

Reduce Cycle Time

Employ Systems Thinking

Establish Values and Purpose

Create a Sense of Responsibility

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